Old Timers 1925

North Bay became a city in 1925 and celebrated by hosting an Old Home Week early in August. Thousands of visitors came and many of them had lived in North Bay at some point. These “Old Timers” were celebrated in various ways. A few had their stories published in the Nugget. The names of many more were simply published in the paper that week. The microfilm for that week is a little difficult to read, but the list of names published on August 7, 1925 has been transcribed by F. Noel and can be found, along with their place of residence at the time, in the following document shown below: List-of-Old-Timers-1925.

Most of these visitors registered with the Board of Trade when they arrived, but unfortunately the early Board of Trade Records were destroyed in a fire. The lists published in the paper are therefore the only source we have to determine who these visitors were.

For more information on Old Home Week in North Bay in 1925 and 1935, including transcripts of several articles about the history of North Bay published in the Nugget, see the series of blogs by F. Noel: Old Home Week Blogs